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[Cao học – Phần mềm] IBM Rational Rose – Enterprise Edition 7

IBM® Rational® Rose® Enterprise provides a common modeling language for enabling faster creation of quality software

Jump-start your Ada, ANSI C++, C++, CORBA, Java™, J2EE™, Visual C++® and Visual Basic® applications with code generated from visual models.
Includes Unified Modeling Language™ (UML™) support and is one of the most comprehensive products in the Rational Rose family
Supports Analysis, ANSI C++, Rose J and Visual C++ patterns, Enterprise JavaBeans™ 2.0, and forward and/or reverse engineering for some of the most common Java 1.5 constructs
Offers code quality analysis abilities and code generation, with configurable model-to-code synchronization capabilities, as well as more granular management and use of models with the separately controllable model components feature
Integrates with other IBM Rational lifecycle development tools as well as any SCC-compliant version control system, including IBM Rational ClearCase®
Includes a Web Modeling Add-In, which provides visualization, modeling and tools for developing Web applications
Provides UML modeling for database designs, with the ability to represent the integration of data and application requirements through logical and physical designs
Creates XML document type definitions (DTD) for use in your application
Operating systems supported: Windows

IBM Rational Rose Enterprise 7.7z.001
IBM Rational Rose Enterprise 7.7z.002
IBM Rational Rose Enterprise 7.7z.003
IBM Rational Rose Enterprise 7.7z.004

Lưu ý:


Why do I get the following error when I run the product:
“Cannot find the suite objects.dll in the path”
It installed without errors, what is wrong?


This error can be caused by the reason.
The installation program did not add the path to the Rational common
directory to your PATH statement. The common directory is located in the
Rational install directory.


ArgoUml, StarUML are best OpenSource alternatives.


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