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[Hỗ trợ – Sách] Ace the IT Interview (Ace the It Job Interview)

Ace the IT Interview

Paula Moreira – Ace the IT Interview (Ace the It Job Interview)

McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | 2007-12-11 | ISBN: 0071495789 | 296 pages | 4.1 MB

Description: Land the IT job of your dreams with help from this insider guide. You’ll discover valuable interview strategies for standing in the crowd as an applicant and learn best practices for representing your experience, education, previous employment, and re-entry into the workforce. Containing critical dos and don’ts from thousands of IT professionals and off-the-record interviews with hiring managers from key technology companies, this book will increase your chances of getting hired.

* Understand the hiring manager’s perspective
* Create a first-rate resume that highlights your skills
* Get past gatekeepers and get the interviews you want
* Make a great first impression and stand out in the crowd
* Master sticky questions about your work history
* Prepare for different types of interview settings, including telephone and video-conference interviews
* Ask intelligent, relevant questions
* Ace the interview follow-up
* Evaluate your offers, negotiate salary, and close the deal



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